2020-2021 Tuition Rates

  • 1 hour class a week: $40/month ($10 a week)

  • 2 classes a week: $80/month ($20 a week)

  • 3 classes a week : $120/month ($30 a week)

  • 4 classes a week: $160/month ($40 a week)

  • Unlimited(5+ classes): $200/month  ($50 a week)


Private Lesson 

  • ½ Private: $40/month ($10 a week) 

  • 1 hour private: $60/month ($20 a week)

Registration Fees

  • $20 Students

2019-2020 Family Tuition Rates 

  • Sibling Discount - The sibling taking the most hours will be charged at full price, then each additional sibling will receive 10% off of their tuition.


Dance Season

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Payment Options

  • Cash

  • Paypal:

  • CashApp: Jennylovesuxx

  • Venmo: Jennortizxx

Pay in Full Discount

  • If you choose to pay your tuition for the entire season (September-June) upfront, you will receive a 10% discount.  Tuition paid in advance is non-refundable


  • $10 Late fee per account for tuition paid after the 15TH of the month.

  • $15 Service fee for returned checks

​There Are No Refunds On Any Payments

  • Tuition is the total fee for classes.

  • Tuition is due your first class of every month regardless of attendance.

  • Monthly tuition is not altered regardless of your attendance or Studio closings for holidays, vacations or weather closings.

  • Makeup classes are available at no additional cost for classes you were absent. Make up classes not available for holiday or vacation closings.


  • BALLET CLASSES: Leotard and tights, Black, purple or yellow! Hair should be pulled back in a bun. 

  • OTHER CLASSES: All other classes shall wear proper dancewear and dance shoes. Hair should be pulled away from the face.